How about this for a change? Try it tomorrow! But start today! I'll help:

❤ I start my day with a positive thought. If I notice that my brain automatically starts with like "shit, I didn't get much sleep tonight" I reset, try again, and focus on the great weather (or whatever is great/good/OK in my life, cause there's ALWAYS something). I WILL admit that I check Instagram every morning. I hate it. One of those habits I'm working on 😁.

❤After that, I meditate. Still in bed. With the app headspace. Free app and ten free days of meditation, do try! I always to 10 minutes, if that's to much, try whatever works for you. I did 1 minute from the beginning.

❤I walk in to the bathroom and switch my 'Thank you'-card from yesterday's. While I'm sitting there, peeing, I look at it and feel grateful whatever it says on that card. Even if I don't have, for example, creativity in my life right now (if it says Thank you for my creativity), I'm still grateful for it.

❤I go to the kitchen, pour a glass of water, and making my smoothie with berries and banana. I eat it. I take my time, and watch the news or sitting on the balcony at the same time. Whatever my mind wants.

❤Right know, when writing, I have the opportunity to go to the gym to rehab my back, so I usually do that two mornings in the week. Everyday I take a walk, that's something I really want a better routine on though.

Hope that helps! Do what works for you, and remember:  YOU HAVE TIME! You just need to prioritize it to support the results you want. 

Don't like your results, change your habits.

Please comment below what you get out of this and please share what kind of habits that supports you! And remember: none of this 👆 is hard for me. I do it because it makes me feel good and it gives me energy. Make sure your habits gives YOU energy.